Tumbleweed Bead Co.

About Tumbleweed Bead Co. & The Jewelry
Tumbleweed Bead Co. has been around since 2002. They use only recycled metals featuring natural stones. All the eco-fabulous pieces are handcrafted in the United States. 

Tumbleweed believes in keeping life and accessories simple, fun and beautifully designed. They strive to make style a little easier by helping customers feel fabulous all around. Tumbleweed jewelry is elegant and fashionably versatile. 

The people who wear Tumbleweed don’t fit a particular demographic. It doesn't really matter where people live, how old they are, or what they do...Tumbleweed has something for everyone. 

About Jessica Russell, Owner & Head Designer
Jessica Russell started creating jewelry with her Grandma back in elementary school and turned it into a full time business in 2002.

Jessica is often inspired by the women who appreciate and adore her jewelry. Some of her pieces, like the Promise Rings and Shapes Necklaces, are not just pieces of jewelry. They are actual stories about how she has been changed by the women around her - entrepreneurs, moms, sisters and daughters.

Jessica’s husband Tyler joined the business shortly after the birth of their beautiful twin daughters, Vida and Izel. Together, they juggle fun family time and growing their business.

Our Studio and Shop
If you are ever in Wenatchee, Washington, please stop by for a visit at 105 Palouse Street.
Interested in selling wholesale? 
We would love to work with you!. Contact us at 541.350.6261 or info@tumbleweedbeadco.com.


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